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Indian Dairying : Cow wise Protein Foolish (59th DP 1 to 15 April, 2018)

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Last fortnight kept us busy in conducting yet another Training of Trainers program under FosTac ( Fssai) for dairy sector wherein we trained another pool of worthy trainers to carry forward the big initiative for developing 10000 Plus Food safety Supervisor for dairy sector alone. We need to have a robust eco system to create safe food mindset through capacity building and hand holding in order to ensure Safe milk for everyone by 2025. 

Highlights of last fortnights were easing out of cattle trade norms by government along with complete ban of import of Oxytocin under import policy but I would like to focus on a couple of  foreign news in this edition.

The first news is on purposeful utilization of whey through R&D. Cornell has finally developed Beer out of whey which might be a game changer in years to come at least for a country like India where local soft cheese throws  Millions of liters of whey down the drain every year and exploit environment like anything.

The second news is about A2 milk coming of age in Oceania and China . It is now evident that dairy products free of A1 beta-casein are shifting from being a niche brand belonging to the A2 milk company (A2M) to becoming a broader dairy category. This was always going to happen, but the speed at which it is now happening is taking most people by surprise.

Almost certainly, the decisions made by Fonterra, Freedom Foods, Nestle and mengniu were all made independently of each other. For each company, those decisions have been in the pipeline for many months or even longer, as they reacted to the stunning success of A2 platinum infant formula marketed by A2M in Australia and China. Technically it will be possible in countries where farmers keep multiple herds like in US, China and may be Australia and say Gernseys owners in Europe.

Now let us look at our country which is the largest producer of milk in the world with a natural flair to produce A2 milk with multiple species in bovine category. With 55 % of milk through buffaloes, around 16-18 % from desi cows , 5-7 % from goats and sheeps and balance through exotic cows, we can rule this market as almost 80 % of milk being produced is naturally A2 when it comes to categorization of milk on Beta casein.

However the prevailing system dominated by either less educated orthodox followers or people having more belief on packaging of information offered to them rather than its authenticity and content ,who are creating negative publicity about all other categories of milk except from Desi Cows.

With this edition , I would like to request all stakeholders from dairy industry to make Indian government aware of the fact that A2 milk is all about protein and not about the type of animal. We are fortunate to have 55% of the total buffalo's population of the world which produce pure A2 milk. 

We have all the rights to become world leader (atleast in global A2 milk market). But for doing so all of us would require to have a more pragmatic approach than a political one.

Modi ji's dream of doubling farmer's  income is possible by thinking out of the box.

I have a suggestion that if the Indian government creates a Globalized brand of Indian A2 as against others and push all the dairy products under premium, then the eternal problem of farmers may get resolved for all times to come.  There is a precedence of Sri Lankan government taking it boldly to the world for their Ceylone Cinnamon brand and safeguarding interests of thousands of cinnamon farmers in their country way back in 2012. 

Government may charge some incentive from dairy processor to promote Indian A2 brand at a global level and my invest back the same amount for the development of a state of the art program for desi cows rearing,development and conservation.

I leave it upto you to make it happen.

Happy e reading to all of you

with best regards

Kuldeep Sharma
Chief Thinking Officer
Suruchi Consultants (ISO 9001:2008 Company)
C-49 Sector-65
Noida 201307

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