Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Indian Dairy Map 2017 : Empathy with Indian farmer (48th DP, 16 to 31 Oct, 2017)

Dear friends,

Last fortnight kept us very busy and joyful while celebrating Diwali on one end and meeting farmers groups of Maharashtra on the other.

Indian Dairy Map 2017 was launched on 27th October at a day long conference in Pune on Roadmap for Indian Dairy industry. This Map is a part of our commitment to offer a research based publication  to Indian dairy industry since 2011.

Our research gave some interesting insights on the trends being followed up in Indian Dairy Industry in top 10 states. We were also able to gauge the farmer's intent towards pasture development, selection of type of animals and awareness levels on yield improvement.

A nationwide distribution on animals, milk production, animal productivity and milk availability were the key highlights of the research.

Our team is working to develop and share a detailed report state wise on how the dynamics of dairy development are moving but in nutshell the following key insights got surfaced up with the research.

a. Higher cattle population of a particular type of animal does not ensure high productivity or improvement of yield in that category.

b. Farmer's interest and awareness ( may be linked with market dynamics) is a better catalyst in any state for performing on animal productivity than government's policies and push.

c. There has been a shift and liking of farmers towards cross bred exotic animals and buffaloes across the country in most of the states. It is also being seen in the states which are perceptually assumed to be the patrons of desi cows. 

As a conclusion I feel the think tank at government's level must take a holistic view of all these factors and give their ears to farmers before planning and devising schemes skewed towards a particular type of animal.

Good news is that Government has undertaken a mammoth task of providing animal identification chip to around 80 % of the total miking animal population in one year only. It would change the dairy landscape completely and may be in our next year research based document the available data would be more realtime and accurate.

I am also anticipating that while doing this exercise government departments  might experience change in existing data drastically in any direction for number of animals in milk, productivity and their types.

Please send a request with your complete address for getting a copy of the map. You may use it as co-branding with us also and print on annual calendar also. We will provide you the designing support for co branding. We would like to see this map at each and every dairy establishment in the country. This map is available free of cost to every one.

Happy e learning.

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Kuldeep Sharma
Chief Thinking Officer
Suruchi Consultants (ISO 9001:2008 Company)
C-49 Sector-65
Noida 201307

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