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Finally a positive disruption to ensure safe milk (46th DP 16 to 30 sep, 2017)

Dear Friends,

Last fortnight all of us watched Ravana (an epitome of 10 evil tendencies) being put on fire once again. For all of us it is an annual ritual. Even after Killing him regularly for centuries , he rises above his own ashes every years like legendary bird Phoenix. I better thought to devote this edition of Dairy pulse on the never ending and ever rising Ravana of Indian dairy industry. The ten evil tendencies of Indian dairy industry which may be inhibiting all milk producers and processors (even with their best intentions) to provide safe milk to Indian consumers. These ten heads of Indian dairy Ravana could be listed as follows :

1. Greed
2. Poor Cold chain infrastructure
3. Low awareness of milk producer towards safe milk
4. Low integrity of intermediary players in the value chain
5. Inability of regulator to create enough of terror amongst these adulterators
6. Softer stance of Indian judiciary towards the culprits engaged in milk adulteration
7. Poor nationwide infrastructure to process 100 % of milk before it reaches consumers
8.Huge demand supply gaps due to seasons, festivals, marriages and urbanization ( leading to polarization of huge population around towns only)
9. Irresponsible Media which runs free of cost milk and milk products adulteration classes on their channels to earn petty TRPs.
10. Unavailability of low cost systems, devices to check and test milk adulteration at any point of milk value chain.

So on this Dussehra in 2017 atleast we were able to chop off this tenth head of of our Dairy Ravana.

The name of This Ram Baan is Ksheer tester.

I would like to put on record the efforts of all including the developers CSIR, FSSAI, Ministry of health, Ministry of animal husbandry and fisheries, Scientists, Institutes, Activists and all other stakeholders involved in developing this device and making it available at as low as Rs 5000.00.

I am considering it to be a real big disruptive technology which may change the face of Indian dairy industry at both domestic and International levels.

I thank the President of India to have launched this initiative. Now it is the duty of the government and relevant departments to provide all help to the developers for scaling it up and making it available at all nook and corners of the milk value chain. Let it be part of National Dairy Plan and let it be made mandatory at all village level milk collection center . The minimum expenditure for setting up a VLC with AMCU, balance, mixer, printer, DPU, invertor, Milk cans, solar system etc is not less than Rs 100000.00.

So just by spending 5% more we could get each and every sample checked at VLc thereby making around 35 % of the milk sold in the country tested for adulteration on first point itself. I also recommend that this device may be installed at the following location so that consumers and relevant stakeholders may get their milk tested freely (or at a nominal cost Rs 5 or Rs 10 per sample)) and easily thus nabbing the culprit without use of any government machinery.

a. At all Village Panchayats
b. At all the school and college laboratories
c. At all the big malls
d. At all the government hospitals/ clinics. private nursing homes
e. At all the railway stations and large state roadways bus stations
f. At all the residential societies/apartments
g. At all the community centers and Barat Ghars
h. At all the Agriculture Mandis
i. At all the large places of worship
j. At all the government Cooperative stores/super bazars
k. At the gates of all the government and private dairies so that people could come and get their milk tested at a nominal charge.
l. Mobile entrepreneurship model could be carried out with this on cycle and bikes.
.......and so on

If we wish to make Safe milk for every one in the country by 2020 or 2022 or 2025 ( whatever it may be), the first step needs to be taken up today.

I would like every one reading this dairy pulse to discuss it with their team members on how could we make use of this Ram Baan to quash atleast one of the head of Ravana from this year onwards to create a Swachh and Swasth Doodh Bharat .

Happy E learning

with best regards

Kuldeep Sharma
Chief Thinking Officer
Suruchi Consultants (ISO 9001:2008 Company)
C-49 Sector-65
Noida 201307

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