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Dairy Stock price rise: Modi ji link ??? (40th DP 16 to 30 June, 2017)

Dear friends,

I would like to open this newsletter with a quote on Media ; 

"All media exist to invest our lives with artificial perceptions and arbitrary values. Marshall McLuhan"

While going through a news on dairy stock gaining momentum in stock exchange after Modi ji's government came, I started to find the correlation. Though a lot of reasoning was done about them of selling more milk at higher EBIDTA as against the competition and their entry into North India and taking over of Reliance industry. Suddenly thinking about the lineage of the organizational tree I was thrilled to see that one of the founder of the organization also again came into the power ( after remaining leader of opposition for a recored time) at the same time when Modi ji came . Probably media chose to attribute grand success to Modi ji rather than the most dynamic leader and visionary who gave Indian dairying a new paradigm with Heritage brand.

After a long time I saw news related to R&D and new product development requirements in Indian dairy industry and saw that a few of the private players are looking beyond India for these services. I felt pity on the capability being developed at premier dairy and food institutions in the country who over decades could not offer even a single dairy product which could be considered as a hallmark of disruptive technology meeting Indian palette.

 The food regulator FSSAI accepted that there has been milk adulteration in unorganised milk and shared their nationwide plan on Milk Quality monitoring. Based on my recent personal experience , I would like to take it to a slightly different but worth mentioning tangent. Last week I attended a Detox camp in South India where I got enlightened on food and its impact on our body. One of the area which has been neglected to a large extent is use of insecticide and pesticide and a weak regulatory (almost non existent) on primary food produce including milk. The way these chemicals are damaging our lives is inexpressible.  

I do not know that why till date any authority in the country has taken this crisis seriously from enforcement perspective. Interestingly there is full enforcement , fine, penalty, for milk not meeting fat or snf standard by even 0.1 percent or certain milk in which high quality milk powder is added to meet the standards, etc. However when it comes to selling pure poison mixed with food and food products in the market place, there is no sampling, no enforcement and no punishment to the best of my knowledge.

Dear stakeholders it is not a personal grievance but the way cancer is spreading like cancer in our society ,we may soon become Cancer capital of the world. 

I have one suggestion only and i.e to make all large fertilizer/pesticide/insecticide manufacturing companies which are huge in size and turnover to play responsible and they should be made responsible for setting up labs/ mobile labs facilities to ensure that their products are being used as per the norms, and the final products reaching the local mandis meet those norms. Let the sampling and surveillance is conducted by their field officers in joint collaboration with Mandi samiti, FCI, Agri marketing board etc of all states.

We are a growing nation but there is a great uncertainty that we will be able to enjoy this growth and change together with our near and dear ones. I may be emotional in words but I mean it ,and I would like whole fraternity to ensure at their end for producing, procuring, processing and marketing safe milk and milk products to the consumers.

Looking forward to suggestions and advise by one and all on how to tackle this menace of chemical residue in our agri produce.

Happy e reading.

yours truly,

Kuldeep Sharma
Chief Thinking Officer
Suruchi Consultants (ISO 9001:2008 Company)
C-49 Sector-65
Noida 201307

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