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Consumption versus Consumerism. (34th DP 16 to 31 Mar,2017)

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From this edition of Dairy Pulse we are making a slight change by classifying news under various headings like 
1. Animal Health/Protection
3.Consumer health /awareness
4. Regulatory/Legal
5. Survey/Reports
and Foreign News

In this year we have plans to make Dairy Pulse more informational and interactive.

Media had a lot to chew last fortnight from dairy sector. Amul and HUL provided a lot of Food (in the form of ice cream/FD) for thought to the dairy consumers of the country.

In changing market scenario in the country FD(Frozen Dessert) demand has grown exponentially since it was introduced by Unilever almost one and a half decades back. On the other side Amul has converted one time dream of Dr Kurien into a grand reality by providing pure dairy based ice creams to all strata of society at an affordable price including rural India.

There is no question on the responsible intent and consumer specific orientation of both Amul and Unilever while interacting with their target group about the products they sell and labeling claims and clarity. Still the following questions need to be answered by someone who finds relevance to the cause.

a. Does it really make any difference to the price sensitive, taste bound consumer to know the difference between ice cream and Frozen Dessert ?

b. Does it also make any difference to the consumer to know in detail about the configuration of fatty acids/edible oil in which the ice cream or frozen desserts are made (considering rest of the ingredients remain the same) ?

c. Isn't it the right time for Regulator to simply cover labeling requirements under two categories of generic and imitation for dairy products . Examples like   Frozen Desserts , analogue cheese, margarine, filled milk, non dairy whiteners etc are few of the categories which may not be unsafe but are not the generic categories which consumers expects but are under imitation categories.

d. Is the consumerism movement in India one sided only i.e without the involvement of sleeping consumer ?

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