Sunday, April 16, 2017

Amul and Mother Dairy : Thanks for being the torch bearer of Indian dairying (35th dairy pulse 1 to 15 April, 2017)

Dear friends,

I would like to complement both Amul and Mother Dairy to have shown exemplary results with steady growth and success in their FY17 results. Amul touched a turnover of  Rs 27085 Crores ( USD Billion 4+Billion) with an 18% growth over last year. Mother Dairy on the other hand has registered Rs 7850 Crores (USD 1.2+ Billion ) with 9 % growth.  These results show the power of liquid milk marketing as well as high value growth in fresh milk products segment like Dahi, lassi, buttermilk, paneer ,etc.

This fortnight also witnessed the dark side of so called animal activists or gau-rakshak , who have been constantly hindering the dairy business by creating obstruction to the safe animal transportation from one place to the other( which is so essential for dairy development). I can only pray to god to give enough wisdom to them as the same can not be prayed for the government. It is high time for policy maker to provide safe and green corridors to animal transportation as it is getting too fatal for the business. Such incidences would simply mean increase in cost of replacement of cows , which is indeed the highest costs in cow rearing for commercial dairy farms after feed cost ( even higher than the cost of feeding in some of the cases at times). Such transportation of animals is more common during summer or drought like situation and we must be careful as some part of India may be in drought like situation for second year in a row.

Food regulator is doing a wonderful job and this fortnight got connected with 170 countries online to capture their food standards.  

Finally the food regulator has brought a draft regulation on labeling and certification norms for the organic food. This way a large number of dairy brands selling milk under organic label might have to prove themselves by following the law. Till now organic foods in this part of the world is a voluntary  standard and not a mandatory one. Consumer has no clue to evaluate whether the product being bought by them at high price is truly organic or not. 

As per the new draft regulation “Any seller of organic food either exclusively or as part of their retail merchandise shall display such food in a manner distinguishable from the conventional food so that the consumers are not misled”.

The regulator has also warned the organic food producing companies that any breach will attract heavy penalty.

Living the organic way, I wish all of you happy e reading.

with best regards

Kuldeep Sharma
Chief Thinking Officer
Suruchi Consultants (ISO 9001:2008 Company)
C-49 Sector-65
Noida 201307

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