Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Happy Diwali (24th Dairy Pulse) 16 to 30 Oct,2016

Dear Friends,

Firstly Team Dairy Pulse wishes you a purposeful, prosperous, healthy and peaceful festival times.

Last fortnight witnessed a lot of action in dairy sector but I would like to focus on two news items which were hidden somewhere in our over communicated media but holds a lot of promises for Indian dairy sector in times to come.

The first news is on yet another meaningful initiative of Government of India to apply science to boost rural economy. The Indian government last week announced the launch of two new programs — Biotech-KISAN (Krishi Innovation Science Application Network) and  Cattle Genomics.       

These programs are going to bridge the gap between farmers and the Scientists and research Institute. We have large number of dairy research institutions in the country and have patronage from the government as well as funding from Foreign institutions. I do not know whether any study exist which has evaluated the commercialization index of the research and technology developed by these institutions. There are hardly any technologies which these institutions could proudly showcase as the one being disruptive. The industry is depending solely on the R&D capabilities of similar firms outside India for both in milk processing technology and animal production arenas. All commercial farms or scaled up dairy processing plants uses technology from abroad and hardly depends upon the immense knowledge pools of Indian scientists.  

The initiative of connecting this pool of knowledge to the farmers of the country would bring a paradigm shift in the overall productivity and health of the animals. Our farmers seek awareness and  knowledge . Knowledge is the best tool for empowerment. Though we have initiatives like ITK ( Indigeneous technological Knowledge) with ICAR wherein a diadic communication makes the mutual learning of farmer and scientist but the new initiative will further augment the efforts by converting Research knowledge of Institution into applied knowledge for farmers.

The second good news must be a nice music for the ears of Dairy Start ups with whom we have been working since last 26 years now.
As per RBI ( Reserve Bank of India) Foreign Venture Capital Investors (FVCIs) can now invest in Indian startups without prior permission of the  the central bank. Sebi-registered FVCIs have also been permitted to invest in unlisted firms in sectors like biotechnology, nanotechnology and dairy without prior permission of the RBI. 

There is a large number of dairy aspirants in the guise of IT professionals, Bankers, Engineers, Technocrats, Retired executives, Ex service man, Real estate and marketing professionals who are just looking around for investment to convert their one time dream into reality. A large number of them have got very good networking abroad and are capable of bringing such investors to India for their projects. Now with opening up of a sector like dairy for the start up we may look forward to more of Fresh cow milk delivered at our homes with high tech IT intervention for delivery, promotion and traceability for quality and hygiene.

Other significant news been there about Heritage acquiring Reliance dairy business. I along with a large number of dairy learners were unable to understand the legitimacy of Reliance in dairy business ( Just because there was no thrust for scaling up or backward integration which is most unlikely for any of Reliance businesses).

Skimmed milk powder price at Global Dairy Trade is staying strong at USD2329.00 on November 1 and trend is showing up north... A real good news for Indian dairy industry and a strong reason for making powder this season. I feel next 32 months would be good for dairy.

Happy reading to you all.

with best regards

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