Monday, February 4, 2013

Dairy entrepreneurship : Reasons to pursue

Hi ! Dairyman of the world,

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It gives me immense pleasure while using this mode of communication with all of you to share my insights on this noble industry of dairying. Indian dairy industry is undergoing a tremendous change in the industry structure. On one side the rural youth is trying to look for better opportunities in urban or semi urban areas on the other the professional ,settled, urban youth is looking for opportunities in rural areas for dairy farming and other agriculture or horticulture activities. Suruchi Consultants has been conducting dairy entrepreneurship program since 2005 and while interacting with around 500 of such budding entrepreneurs , it was found that almost 50 % of them were young, qualified engineers, doctors, software professionals, researchers and self employed . 

While probing more on their reason to leave their lucrative career and  begin dairy farming , we got some interesting answers. Around 20 % of them wish to pursue this profession as they want to settle down away from the hustle-bustle of the metros and fast pace of life . Another 20 % finds more money and value addition in this industry. 10 % of them have some rural connect with a pool of land at their disposal or they have made some investments in the land already somewhere Delhi and NCR. 

Rest 50 % of them have a very interesting reason to pursue this noble profession of keeping animals and setting up mini dairy plants.They perceive the quality of milk being supplied by various agencies in India to be adulterated with unknown chemicals and other ingredients. This young generation also consider it to be their responsibility to provide pure and fresh cow milk and milk products to the public. Though they admit that they could also charge premium from the public in the name of purity but such intent can not be seen as exploitative at all. There has been a benign affinity towards producing and promoting cow milk in the market place.

There have been some good examples in Delhi and NCR areas wherein a few of the farms are selling and packing cow milk under their farm name and charging a high premium . Such milk are available at as high as Rs 70 /liter in Delhi and Rs 80/liter at Mumbai.

Now such orientation of youth towards dairy entrepreneurship raises the following questions :

a. Is Indian youth coming of age and becoming responsible towards consumer needs and rural 
    development simultaneously ?

b. Is it the beginning of ruralization where in the villages are becoming more attractive for investments 
    and establishing business ?

c. Is it the beginning of self realization in the hearts of the youth to restore our heritage of cow rearing 
    and conserve the traditional breeds of cows capable of producing A2 type of milk ?

Whatever the reasons might be but it is high time for some one to take initiatives in setting up dairy farms at commercial scale and maintain the legacy and meet the burgeoning demands of milk and milk products by 2020. On one hand when the next generation of farmer is not interested in pursuing his ancestral business of farming, this initiative by urban youth on the other hand is truly a positive  ray of hope and is welcome.

Now on this blog I will be sharing good research insights on all aspects of dairy entrepreneurship with our more than 25 % of experience in nurturing dairy entrepreneurship at all levels at Suruchi Consultants. Keep visiting back and give your valuable comments.


Dairy Guru